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CLOSING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE  in Education, a modern day civil rights issue. 

Click on our video above to learn about the B.I.T.E Digital Divide revolution. 

Across the United States about 1/3 or 15 million students of the 50 Million children attending K-12 are on the wrong side of the digital divide without access to computer and or internet at home of which over 60% of them are from African-American / Hispanic – Latino families.


B.I.T.E, Black Interest Team Enterprise announced a major “Pivot” to Education earlier this year in an effort to take on the several challenges in education faced by African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos and children from economically disadvantaged groups across rural and urban America.



B.I.T.E rolls out a comprehensive plan of action for the immediate term to address the massive “Digital Divide” in Education that continues to place children from minority groups at a serious disadvantage. The COVID-19 pandemic helped shine the spotlight on the epidemic of digital divide in education.


B.I.T.E will look to supply every child in need with an “Education- Technology care package” free of cost to them which will address a serious issue of inequity in Education. The B.I.T.E technology care package will include the following which will help children to be fully technologically activated at their homes


B.I.T.E Technology Care Package


  • Google Chrome Notebook*

  • Hot-spot device internet access (Paid through 12 months)

  • Mini-Printer

  • Headphone   

  • Basic book bag  


The cost of the B.I.T.E technology package will be around $ 350 for all the above items which will be delivered to each child in a book bag.



B.I.T.E President, Rev Bishop, Tinia Bland announced


“Our children are already severely disadvantaged through generations of discrimination and biases. The COVID-19 school closures will turn the clock back on our kids and we are faced with the danger of losing another generation. To not do anything is reckless and irresponsible.


I am grateful for our B.I.T.E organization which has responded swiftly to the call of the hour to provide our children the basic tools that will need to preserve continuity in education. B.I.T.E is understanding that it alone cannot close the digital gap but hopes to raise awareness of this modern day civil rights issue to create a national coalition of like minded partners to close the digital gap across America “

B.I.T.E will launch an initial PILOT-PHASE to benefit 3,000 students across a few states hard hit by COVID-19 school closures. B.I.T.E will ultimately work to technologically activate 1 Million Children across America. B.I.T.E  have created a coalition of partnerships with computer manufacturers, internet service providers, cell phone carriers and other manufactures / distributors to support the goal of closing the digital divide across America. B.I.T.E will rely on local school districts (public/charter), community organizations, Churches and other religious organizations to identify children in need in their local communities to ensure  help is given to children on the wrong side of the digital divide.

 B.I.T.E will look to raise $ 1.25 Million required to fund the PILOT program that will directly benefit 3,000 children across America at a cost of about $ 350 per child.  

Please donate $ 350 to help a child somewhere in America to have all the technology tools needed to continue their education not just today through COVID-19, but into their future. Donate now and help close the digital divide. Join the revolution to close the digital gap and give our children a fighting chance and a shot at the American dream. Thank you in advance for your donation and support. ​



*or Comparable Device

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