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B.I.T.E.- A coalition of community organizers and leaders  taking tangible, measurable action to address the social economic inequities  devastating urban America particularly African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos.

B.I.T.E has prioritized tackling the inequities in food and nutrition,health care and  digital divide in education.   

Who we Are & What We Do

BITE-The Black Interest Team Enterprise, located in the heart of Jersey City, New Jersey  is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping those in need across the United States. With the dedication of our volunteers, staff and partners, we strive to improve the lives of everyone who needs help within the community and close the inequities. Contact us to see what you can do to bring about positive change.

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Our Mission

Making the World a Better Place

The underpinning of the Coalition is for this group of leaders to convene for the sole purpose of addressing the social, economic  inequities.   B.I.TE goes beyond advocacy to actually tackle and close inequities through tangible, measurable works.

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Food Distribution Donation.  Package- A donation of $ 300 will provide food to families in need of fresh, quality vegetables, fruits, starches, water, and  Rapid COVID-19 Testing. Help the BITE Family keep children/ adults nourished,    hydrated, and safe.

Help BITE, continue to help all.

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Donate the cost of Truck  

A Donation of     $400 will provide the weekly transportation cost of a truck to the BITE biweekly Food Distribution and Resource Center to transport fresh vegetables, fruits, starches, bread, baby diapers, baby food, adult briefs, water, clothing, warm winter coats, feminine hygiene products, etc.


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Donate $350 truck rental 


The COVID-19 pandemic and food disparity has helped shine the spotlight on the epidemic of long-term food insecurities. About 15 million of the 50 Million students attending K-12 across America do not have access to adequate quality food at home to prevent their hunger. African Americans, Hispanics/Latino make up 60% of these children who are on the wrong side of the disparity. 

Your donation supplies one truck rental for one day to the BITE  Food Distribution and Resource Center.

Trucks are the Lifeline to bring food to all in need. Your truck rental donation allows the BITE Organization to continue its tradition of never turning away a person in need of food and resources. 

Food supplies for families in need

Food and Resources

6  Million Americans have tested positive for Covid-19, with over 180,000 Americans dead. COVID-19 has once again raised the scepter of race inequality in America, with over 60% of COVID-19 deaths among Americans coming from African-American / Hispanic Latino families.  CDC projects another 120,000 deaths as we approach the flu, fall, and winter season, potentially saving 70,000 lives if there is a nationwide mask mandate. 

The BITE Organization was a rapid test supplier. We need your financial help to continue providing Fresh Food and necessary resources for all. 

Contact Us

Get in touch with BITE-The Black Interest Team Enterprise to discover more about our work and how to donate. We thank you for your support.

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