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Across the world COVID-19 is raging with 25 Million cases worldwide and nearing 1 Million deaths.

  • United States is nearing 6 Million cases with over 181,000 deaths.

  • Brazil with 3.6 Million cases with over 115,000 deaths.

  • India recording 3.2 Million cases with 60,000 deaths.


The United States alone recorded 79,000 cases with 1,200 deaths on single day, Friday, July 24. Over 150,000 children tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 3 weeks.


The WHO estimates that the World will need 100 million masks every month to keep the global population safe. It is estimated that the United States has currently access to merely 1% of its daily demand for masks.


​Unfortunately very troubling racial inequities have surfaced again.

The African American population accounts for 30% of the overall American population but 65% of COVID-19 deaths.

Another demographic group hard hit by the COVID -19 have been the Hispanic/Latinos groups especially the groups in rural areas living in multigenerational settings.


The underlying causative agent behind the COVID-19 devastation of the African American / Hispanic Latino communities have been catalyzed by the lack of easy access to safe/low cost PPE.


Scientists and health experts agree that Covid-19 will ultimately be conquered by a Vaccine that is being fast tracked across the world but for now the pathway to protecting the deaths of Americans are ensuring easy access to safe PPE including masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, face shields along with social distancing, washing of hands.   

Health care experts have found that an estimated 134,000 more Americans will die in the United States from COVID-19 by December if the country takes no further measures; More than 70,000 Lives can be saved  by December if more American wore masks.


Starting September 1, 2020 BITE WILL distribute free Masks and PPE to over 25,000 Americans nationwide across the next 3 months.  Children, Senior Citizens, Parents, Educators,  front line staff and families in need will receive the BITE COVID-19 care package for free with no cost to them.

The B.I.T.E, COVID-19, Care Package will contain 3 months of PPE supply to keep Americans safe as the Flu, Fall and Winter season approaches.

BITE COVID-19, Care Package


  • 100 Use/throw 3 ply masks

  • 100 Use/throw gloves  

  • 3 Hand Sanitizer at 1.4 fl-oz each

  • 3 Reusable face shields

  • 3 Reusable safety mask


The cost of the B.I.T.E COVID-19 care package with 3 months of PPE supplies for an adult or a child will cost around $60 at low monthly cost of $20 per individual.


B.I.T.E will distribute the COVID-19 care packages to 25,000 Americans in need across the nation.  B.I.T.E projects $1.5 Million to fund this PILOT program. Your generosity is central to protecting and saving lives. This is a call to action to save lives.


Your donation of $ 60 will protect and potentially save an American  life. $300 will help protect 5 lives. $1500 will help keep safe 25 lives through the holidays.   

We have to act urgently and now to protect and keep our children, our families, our senior citizens, our front line workers, our educators safe   as the flu, fall and winter season fast approaches.


Your generosity will save lives. Act now! God bless these Untied States of America.  


Donors who donate $ 300 or more will receive a B.I.T.E reusable mask along with our letter of appreciation acknowledging your work to save lives.